I was with this absolutely fabulous guy... tall, dark hair, peircing eyes, great build. dinner, wine, (lots of really good wine), and dancing.

we were in a rather upscale club. not the kind of place my ex-hubs had ever taken me.

dancng the night away.

somehow decide to sway to a seductively slow tune and as i nuzzle in just a wee bit closer i catch a glimpse of. nooooo.

my ex, sitting at the bar that was bad enough, but this was our anniversary.

flustered,  and flummoxed i stepped on my dates foot, who tripped, pulling me off balance and i trip into the table at the edge of the dance floor spilling their drinks one of which lands on the floor, where trying to regain some composure i step and damn the stilletto heels i land on my arse.


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I'm sorry

That can only happen to the most special of all peoples... I hope the rest of the date went well.

That's really good!

oh god what a disaster, do you still see this man? :) he probably saw the funny side of it, btw. maybe. haha

Oh my, you poor thing! That's awful and hilarious all at the same time...

i can just see it now, thank you for a laugh i needed that ! :)<br />
its nice when stuff like that happens and in hindsight we are able to enjoy the farce of the moment!<br />
take care, K.

On a first date with a charmer I reached for my drink to take a sip while maintaining eye contact with my date and stuck the swizzle stick so far up my nose that it stayed stuck after I jerked the glass away (in severe pain) and when I pulled the swizzle stick out, my nose GUSHED blood all over the white table cloth. Date OVER.

lmaoooo i felt your pain....i woulda just ran out lol great story :]

WOW! I can not believe something like this happens to YOU , too. teehee. And here I thought I was the only clutz that such totally unethically top of the line SOAP moments really truly do happen to. :) Absolutlely great writing!


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my worst embarrassing date story is going out for a movie and dinner. ordering and eating some sort of mushroom sauce on my noodles that damn near tore me in half. imagine the toilet scene from 'dumb and dumber' at her place just before it was gonna get romantic. toilet wouldn't flush and there wasn't a toilet brush either. it's been about 20 years since and i still don't trust myself to talk to her.

aww no! you poor thing! <br />
lets rewind so you can dance the night away with your gorgeous date and pull a sly grin in your x's direction... :P *mwahaha* <br /> not really THAT evil..much.. :)

I may not be the norm, but I feel sorry for your ex in this situation, now I am commenting on this without reading every other persons comment. I did read the one about divorce final for only 2 weeks. I think it must have been difficult for him to watch. Sorry about your embarassment.

why does it always have to be in front of an ex? never total stranger like it could be. but this is a great story. i agree with an earlier comment, hope he got a look at the *** he cant have again. lol.

Feeling you!<br />
<br />
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LMAO!!! This story is awesome! Talk about humbling. God does have great entertainment with all us clumsy ladies! Funny, Funny!

oh yeah... definitely. where we come from often says where we'll go. fortunately i can look back and share a laugh about some of it, and stow the rest away as experience to learn from.

OK, sorry if I made you feel bad. I simply find, all too often, that people leap to conclusions in this sort of circumstance. I do agree that it's likely he followed you; he might have suddenly realized what a terrible mistake he had made and didn't know of any other way to seek resolution. Then again, he might've been one of those "men" who think they OWN their Wives. I just hope that you've found peace, happiness, and the love you deserve.

and future encounters... hmmm i've been married again, twnety years. two year dif between divorce and remarriage. so i guess i was prepared.

trustme... 20 plus years ago when this happened...the last person i was hoping to see (even subconsiously) was my ex add in this was not his kind of yeehaw good ol boys kinda bar but a disco night club and it's more likely he followed me. <br />
when i left i tried to leave even the memories behind when i packed.

I guess we all need to be prepared for the unexpected; still, you are Divorced and he is your Ex, there should be no need for you to be intimidated. It's a free country and he and you have the right to go where you choose. Perhaps this was good for you so that you can be prepared for future encounters. I know what you're thinking "how can a man understand a womans feelings?" and you're correct. There are, of course, several ways of seeing this "incident". Perhaps it was totally circumstance, perhaps he misses you, perhaps you (totally unconciously) went there knowing he might be there and wanted to either see him or show-off your date.

oh's true...i was drinking Riunite...on ice, that's nice. eewww. But it was a thing at the time.

wow that does sound like sumthing out of a movie!! <br />
you could make a lot of money out of it!!<br />
<br />
i still cant beleve the story is true but it made me smile, and its good that you can laugh about it now, i hope i can have a funny story like that when im older lol<br />
<br />

lol...they can have. (thinking about who would play me....)

You should copyright that story before some soap or sitcom uses it :)

nah... he and i still talk once in a while...but we were frineds and needed to stay that way.

i hope that great guy stuck around for you

yep... 26 years ago... and i remember it like yesterday.

ARE U SERIOUS THAT HAPPENED? your ex must be hurting still. u know how men are...

i hadn't thought about that aspect. thanks for that perspective :)

I hope your ex got a good look at your legs, the *** he'll never touch again and a good looking gentlemen solicitously helping you to your feet, soothing your wounds. Another level of laugh for you.

yeah. i laugh. (and he was my total ex. divorce was final for a couple of weeks). but i think it must have looked like a slap stick comedy

And all in front of the ex! You poor thing. Good you can laugh about it now.