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About 20 or so years ago I was dating. This girl who lived about 50 or so miles away from me. We dated for about 6-8 months. She had issues with school and stuff so she was about 24 or so and still living at home saving money as she attended a local community college. I came down to visit her every other weekend as she would come up to visit me at my place every othere weekend or so. Anyway, there was a very big investment scandal going on in Conneticut at the time where people were cheated out of tens if not hundreds of millions of dollars. Anyway, being an admitted news junkie and pretty smart in terms of my business sense I brought up the scandal as it was unfolding on the local news. I said, it surprises me that people can so blindly put money into something local without checking it out first. I said, its easier I would think to find out somethings validity on a local investment because its essentially in the area so it should be easy to find any funny business associated with it, I said all this as we were at the breakfast table one morning. My gf's father seemed a little distant but I didn't think anything of it, not that I really knew him that well anyway. when I brought up the subject but never thought that type of conversation was too out of the ordinary or anything. My gf later told me that her parents lost over 100 grand from the scandal
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