Date and Braces-tough Mix

I was 20 years old-had a mouth full of braces-was on a date-having a GREAT time-we clicked-we had gone to the movies, grabbed a bite to eat and a couple drinks-was a double date-the 4 of us went to local bar in our community--sitting in a booth-talking, flirting, having fun--I said something wise to him-he pulled my head down into his lap and my braces got hooked on his sweater right in his lap---I was dying!!!!  Laughing my head off mind you and telling him "Jeff, do not stand up" took me a second to get unhooked---oh god how we laughed! 

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Lol sp embarassing

It was a great time--and oh the laugh he and I shared over it--seems like yesterday.

At least it was a fun time..

Worse yet would have to have crawled out of the theater on your knees! lol

i was 17 my girlfriend turned up on mine

It is definitely a story worthy of telling the grandkids in the future---honestly shared with my daughter who got braces this past May. And it was purely innocent. Was a fun night! Oh to be 19 again! It was a great laugh and all I could think of was the wires coming loose and that would've been horrible! Thanks!

HEHE I once got my braces stuck in a caramel apple. It was quite painful at the time but my dad came to my rescue and got me out

Funny Stuff!


Great story and something that was worthy of telling the grandkids someday. LMAO.

Good story, innocent and a good laugh. Oh to be young and laugh so freely.

Yes Colgate-he went there-not me.

Colgate Universirty, eh? Haha. That's one good laugh, nice story.

Trust me--it was absolutely hilarious! It's one of those memories that never fade! His name was Jeff, he was a law student at Colgate University--

too funny...