Date and Braces-tough Mix

I was 20 years old-had a mouth full of braces-was on a date-having a GREAT time-we clicked-we had gone to the movies, grabbed a bite to eat and a couple drinks-was a double date-the 4 of us went to local bar in our community--sitting in a booth-talking, flirting, having fun--I said something wise to him-he pulled my head down into his lap and my braces got hooked on his sweater right in his lap---I was dying!!!!  Laughing my head off mind you and telling him "Jeff, do not stand up" took me a second to get unhooked---oh god how we laughed! 

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Lol sp embarassing

It was a great time--and oh the laugh he and I shared over it--seems like yesterday.

At least it was a fun time..

i was 17 my girlfriend turned up on mine

It is definitely a story worthy of telling the grandkids in the future---honestly shared with my daughter who got braces this past May. And it was purely innocent. Was a fun night! Oh to be 19 again! It was a great laugh and all I could think of was the wires coming loose and that would've been horrible! Thanks!

HEHE I once got my braces stuck in a caramel apple. It was quite painful at the time but my dad came to my rescue and got me out

Funny Stuff!<br />

Great story and something that was worthy of telling the grandkids someday. LMAO.

Good story, innocent and a good laugh. Oh to be young and laugh so freely.

Yes Colgate-he went there-not me.

Colgate Universirty, eh? Haha. That's one good laugh, nice story.

Trust me--it was absolutely hilarious! It's one of those memories that never fade! His name was Jeff, he was a law student at Colgate University--

too funny...