Try Try Try Again

I was going on a double date with one of my best friends and her boyfriend. I had my boyfriend there with me too. So, my friend is named Dana and her boyfriend is named Trevor and mine is named Adam. We decided to go to the movies. We thought it would be fun. Dana and Trevor have kissed before and they wanted to get me and Adam to kiss too. So, somewhere in the movie they told us both to kiss so we did. But not where people usually kiss...we missed! Haha, so from there we kept kissing and those times we did it right! He thought we made it but we didn't. Then after I got home from my date, Dana was over and I was like Trevor and Dana kissed to my parents, and they knew they kissed before. Thinking Dana would just be like Oh shut up, to my surprise she said so did you and Adam. So Dana had just told my mom I had my first kiss. There I am turning as red as ever and she is sitting there all fine. My mom was like OH MY GOD. Not mad, but not happy. More surprised. Remember I'm still not even a teenager! 

polkadot882 polkadot882
Feb 15, 2009