I Was 16

and on a date with a bf on a summer night. We were tipsy. We drove into the woods near a reservior. I climbed up and sat down on a huge tree stump he was standing next to. All of a sudden, much of my clothes and body were covered by by ants and they were biting me everywhere! I jumped, climbed off the stump and started to jump and run around screaming and ripping off my clothes to get the ants off of me. He was stunned. I wasn't hurt bad by the bites, but it almost brought an end to an otherwise mellow evening in the woods. (he probably didn't mind the stripping part, but he never let on.)

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Another reason to HATE ants! Too cute though! I'm such a dork I'll have to think about which one is worse!

Oh dear. Not my best face on this one. I was in my early 20's and it never failed that I would discover after a date or two that my date was a divorced father. I like kids but I didn't at the tender age of a 22 want to be a step-mother to some other woman's child or children so I would call a cab during a restroom break, eat a good meal, go to the restroom again and ditch the poor guy. The embarrassment is later running into the guy.