The Car

I'm thinking there is a story about this in here some place but here's the condensed version.

Picture this one... me, in all my glory, nothing but an unbuttoned shirt as I lay spread eagle on the hood of my car. (just to date this story I drove a 1980 fire-bird at the time) It's almost midnight, he's behind me and suddenly the glow of the red and blue appears on the front windshield. Did I mention that it was airport restricted property?

So we got off without even a ticket however the next day we both showed up at work covered in red dots. Everyone wondered how we both had chick-pox at the same time. Turns out they were "noseeums" a lovely Florida bug that's almost invisible when out but bites the hell out of you and leaves you itching for days.

hhmm this could also fall under the things i did while manic

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now thats a story for sure!