All The Mess-up In 2 Hrs...

My dad wanted to meet him and he was 10 min late (ng for a FIRST date, though it could be worse.)

bought tickets for the wrong show movie time so we had an extra hr.

He asks me on a date 10 min into the first one (and i already knew from stuff that had happened in the past week i wasn't going out w/ him again)

In the hr of extra time he says lets go for a walk, It's below freezing and I'm wearing a fashion jacket, not a warmth jacket.

While on the walk i have to run to keep up with him cuz he's so tall, he pays no attention to me and doesn't't notice I'm chattering as i speak. (but running keeps me warm :)

Once we the movie starts he talks for about 30 min in, i keep ignoring him till he gets the idea.

After the movie we wait for his dad to take us home. We r waiting outside, no walking

His dad shows up, I'm confused when he asks if i want to sit in the front or back. I say back. He doesn't open the door and he sits in the front w/ his dad.

In the car i find i have a more interesting conversation with his father than i did w/ him

when get to my house he says "well, bye," and doesn't open the car door or or walk me to my house door.

A week later I find he never broke up with his girlfriend, something he said he did for me. he also told some ppl that i KNEW he was still with his gf and was OK with it. In order to get the two of us on a date he pout tons of money on the cell phone bills of 7 ppl i and friendly with but i only spoke to two about the issue. he took hours (i mean it i saw someones inbox) out of their time and tricked hem into getting me on a date with him because i thought he was a different person. 

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I have no idea what i was thinking!<br />
In my health class now we're learning about abusive relationships and he fits all the requirements. He's a CREEP!!!! When he got cut from the tennis team he spent 10 ,in kicking lockers in front of the team instead of just walking away.....<br />
<br />
Imagine if i broke up with him after actually getting into a relationship...

lmaoo!! omg girl! what were u thinking when u went out with this loser! lol! i mean i shouldn't be talking ive gotten my fair share of losers also..i shall be sharing my stories soon! lol thanks for the laugh <br />

I forgot to mention that he didn't even suggest getting snacks so we had nothing to eat...<br />
I guess he didn't have enought money to buy food :(

Going to a movie and not having the cash to pay for it. She bought it.