Pleasuring Myself

I guess, like many people I have more than one intimate secret, and choosing the most intimate is difficult. For me the test for the most intimate could be the one that is the most emabarassing, and since EP has been a place for me to let loose, here goes:
I am a 53 year old man who still likes to **********. I do it more than straight sex and, frankly, I get more satisfaction from it.


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I enjoyed your openess, i feel the same. Thanks

Thank you Ms. Shelly- It means a lot to me, comming from a hot lady like you! (I can dream, can't I? LOL)

1lv2cmp, having a woman who clearly enjoys watching-and even demands that I ********** for her, is the ultimate turn on for me. When I *** I feel like I am giving her my offering as if I she was a Goddess...

OK, I guess I can't refuse...<br />
The truth is that I have always fantasized about female domination. It isn't one fantasy, but rather one that has taken many directions. I imagine most men ********** to pictures of naked babes fingering themselves or licking their erect nipples, but I ********** to pictures of fully clothed women wielding a paddle or riding crop. In fact, I would rather ********** to a sexy woman dressed in a business suit- sitting regally (as I imagine her waiting for me to undress for my inspection or punishment) than a naked woman or even a woman in a Dominatrix leather outfit. <br />
You can see the pictures of some of my 'fantasy women' on my profile...

Thank you msshelly and thebigmyth, I will definitely add these if you join the group and post your intimate secret- no pressure ;-).