How Do I Explain It

I love when my *** is played with but am not gay, I just know what makes me feel good, I am man enough to say that I am comfortable with my sexuality and love it when I am getting head and a girl starts playing with my ***, love it, ok enough about that, have a good day, lol
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I think a lot more folks would find a lot more satisfaction with sex if they could follow you example and really say what they like! So many of the people I know, who seem to be struggling with some part of their sexuality, all seem to have one thing in common..... They don't openly discuss their preferences and fantasies with their partner..... * applauds* you for being open!!

It is huge turn on to have my partner play with my ***. Guys shouldn't knock until they try it!!

You are not alone, I actually shared an experience about it. Too many people get caught up with societies labels. You know what you like, so enjoy it. Nothing hotter than a beautiful woman willing to play with all of you, and getting off on it at the same time.

msshelly it sure does feel good, its weird how when i am getting played with it makes me *** harder, so much fun, lol<br />
<br />
and womaninbliss, i am glad to know i am not alone

As I loudly proclaim.... "Just do me! I don't care."

well arodne ... let me reassure you you're not alone ... lol