My Type :)

i used to go out with people just for their looks. but now i understand different .. i would love someone who is game for a laugh :D not serious all the time and has a GREAT personality .. and they have to be faithful.. had too many unfaithfuls :( thats about it really xxx
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3 Responses May 22, 2012

Nice answer! Trust and honesty is the foundation of a relationship but fun and humor are just as important! Not to forget support lol. God I ramble so much. Could've just said "yo nice ansah" and move on lol. (Ansah is answer, my futile attempt at an accent)

For sure, you need to be able to laugh together! Nothing brings people together like laughing and joking. I'd love to find the guy who shares my sense of humor :)

Glad to see you matured enough to see what is really important in a relationship. With that, Im sure you'll find someone to love and love you.

Patience is also another sign of your maturity, you are someone I like more and more.