My Dream Girl

Well here it is, this is my dream girl. It is pretty hard to find her. Not that it is a list of hundreds of things or something. It is just that i know what it means to get your heart broken.

Alright let's start off. My Dream Girl is pretty sweet, she laughs a lot and does her best to make me laugh. She also isn't afraid of expressing herself, but she hates screaming to make her point clear. She knows that if she is sad, she can always talk with me. As i do my best to make her feel good, i expect her to motivate me. My Dream Girl isn't mean, she doesn't judge people before she knows them. She also likes her freedom, and she respects my choices. She has dreams, and she isn't afraid to tell me what she would like to do. She loves passionate kissing, cuddling and touch. Her best attribute is her honesty and she can be a bit shy at times. She also isn't too thick or too thin. And she loves recieving compliments. But the most important thing of this entire list, which i believe is pretty impossible, is that she needs me as much as i need her, a lot.

Well this is it really, i can't think of anything else that i can add to this list. I do believe in love, i just don't believe in love on the first sight. I keep hoping for such a girl to come into my life. But i am not actively seeking for it. It just has to be the right place at the right time i guess.

Well it was fun writing about my dream girl. :)
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5 Responses Aug 26, 2012

What about someone who is compassionate and loyal?

she's out there, i hope that you find her someday...<br />
i dont know why but all of the sweet girls tend to find the ******* guys, and all of the sweet guys tend to find the bitchy girls.. :(


When you say you need her to motivate you.. Perhaps you meant to say you need her to inspire you ? <br />
If she's your dream girl, you shouldn't need motivating.

everyone needs motivation sometimes :P

Wish you all the best !