Things That Annoy Me

(i've trimmed it down to 50. and these are not in order)

1. that the calcium in the water of my fridge has caused hard water to all but SEAL the faucet in which the water come out of. so it takes three minutes to fill up a cup.
2. when i kneel on a crayon i've left on my bed and it breaks. it's not so much the death of the crayon that's devastating, it's the scary CRACK that comes with it convincing me for a split second that my knee has broken.
3. when people interrupt the middle of my sentence. 
4. when someone interrupts someone i'm listening to
5. getting a typical "lol" or "haha" response to a text. or nothing at all. just don't even bother replying, okay?
6.when people copy me. i know it sounds dumb, and people may say that imitation is the most sincere form of flattery..but i guess it comes from having a few younger sisters..
7. those people on facebook who are always like, "haters gonna hate" or "im just gonna be me and you can all suck it" and have that attitude. i think it makes them all seem a little more insecure when they do that. just be yourself for crying out loud. i'm sure that would make you seem tons more admirable.
8. when people walking in front of me decide to stop, thinking the entire crowd behind me is just gonna dance around them.
9. when someone criticizes one's opinion in music. everyone has a right to hate a band. like blink182 (who suck) but...don't hate the fans. hate the band. c'mon. show some class.
10. when teachers have high expectations of me. i can get away with not applying myself to a full and satisfying extent, but it takes so much worrrrk to apply my full self. i have to open all the doors in my brain, that's painful and dizzying and then afterwards i feel run down from releasing so much.
11. the completely faulty condescending nature of teenage girls. always saying one thing and meaning another. girls are the worst bullies. i'm not the kind to bully but if you sit back and watch some of the pros at it gets brutal.
12. cracking of knuckles. ughhh
13. when a song needs something more. like...a correction. like a prolonging of a note, or the repetition of a lyric, or a rest, or a properly lengthened ending.'s...not..there...
14. when people say they have OCD and they don't. it's called a pet peeve. quit diagnosing yourself.
15. when i think something is beautiful, but i can't show anyone. like they'd ruin the magic of it. because i think the most random things are beautiful. like old black and white movies. and the catcher in the rye.
17. when you get a bag of chips and it's three fourths air.
18. when people decide to say "literally" in every sentence that tumbles clumsily from their mouth.
19. that something inside of me wants to rebel against what the large majority of people are conforming to. even if it's good. kindergarten: screw this, i hate coloring books. too many rules! Im drawing everything myself!! 
20. that i love flowers so much, but they die if i try and take them with me.
21. when people don't use proper grammar. especially with to, too, and two. and there, their, and they're. it's really not that hard.
22. teachers that are softhearted. i like mean teachers. i adore mean teachers. they're the only ones that really make kids shut up and realize how dumb they sound.
23. When your ipod decides to play a slow sad soft sounding song and then a loud rowdy rambunctious song right afterwords.
24. moment killers. like when you're having a good day and then parental figures are pissy.
25. when you're secretly enjoying a song playing the the car, and someone changes it.
26. when blink182 songs get stuck in my head.
27. that i know so much about blink182. it's taking up space in my brain that could be put to better use.
28. when i see a fly before or during the process of eating something. i remember once in fourth grade, i poured myself a bowl of cinnamon toast, and found a dead fly under one of the pieces.  *shudder*
29. when my stupid hair clogs up the stupid shower and i have to stupid reach in the drain and stupid get it all out in horrible clumps. having thick hair is a curse, i tell you.
30. guilt trips to the whole class via teacher. usually i don't deserve them.
31. when i almost fall asleep around 5pm, but then am suddenly wide awake once the clock strikes 10pm.
32. when people call  me "beautiful" in that passive way. like, "hey beautiful".  or "see ya later beautiful" i dunno.
33. when my mom is randomly really nice to me and it makes me feel really bad for wishing i could leave the house.
34. that i have a plan for where to go if i had to leave the house. it annoys me, but not to the point of picking through it and guilting myself out of it.
35. when i send someone a message and realize i sound like an idiot and spend forever obsessing over how stupid i am until they answer, or worse..they dont answer.
36. eating. i dont know why, but i never feel good afterwards. oh woe is me.
37. when i become a complete doofus when i try and talk to guys i have a crush on. ugh. i feel about as charming and witty as a bean bag chair.
38. when i the lighting in the room isn't right and i have to stand at the light switches for a few minutes, making it the way it's supposed to be.
39. being left out. it doesn't really depress me or make me feel like i need to impress who ever is leaving me out, it just mildly ticks me off. especially in a class. im pretty sure i have better things to do than sit off to the side right now, so why do you continue to act like that's what i shoudl be doing?
40. being in the middle of listening to a beautiful song and something..or someone makes me pause it.
41. when girls tell guys they're afraid of something, when they're just trying to be cute. and i know what you're thinking. didn't you say you have a fear of gas masks? SHUT UP! those things are horrifying! and trust me, if i was trying to be cute, i would have picked something you see everyday. like..wax paper or dragonflies. but gas masks look like horse skulls. and i'd rather die in a fire than go to a fireman wearing on of those things. irrational, but it makes sense to me.
42. when people say something random during a conversation with me, and when i pause and raise an eyebrow they just giggle and go, "inside joke!" and i look around..with WHO?! the only excusable time to do that is if you have an inside joke with god.
and as a subscript of that, we'll call it: 42a. if you say a joke that makes perfect sense to everyone else and then say "inside joke" afterwards. it's nto an inside joke if everyone gets it.
43. when someone hears me quietly say a joke, and they say it louder, and everyone laughs. 
44. when my siblings eat or waste my food.
45. that a lot of the bands and songs i like are ruined by being over-played the radio.
46. when people insist on naming a thousand bands they like. a genre will suffice. only list a band you like, if you can sit and listen to all but save a few songs without objection
47. the food at my dad's rental. i mean, i hate the entire rental itself, but the food is just annoying. ice cream? poptarts? salsa? chips? don't get me wrong, sounds like a dream at first...but after a year or so it becomes evidence of the sad ways of a grown single man who never learned to fend for himself.
48. im annoyed that making this list was so easy
49. when cupboard doors are left open
50. when time decides to fluctuate between going agonizingly slow and wayyy too fast.
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2 Responses Jun 4, 2011

I kinda like bean bag chairs. Wish I was on one right now.

eyyyy lookit you commenting on my stuff before we were friends.

I really agree with no25 since me and my friends seem to have very different musical tastes.