Second List!

I hate..

When slow people read aloud in class
forgetting to put on my shoes before I paint my nails [it's hard to tie laces without using your fingers]
the splitting headaches I get when i'm depressed
when people hear me sing
people who ask about cuts or bruises i have
people who take me on a touch of all their cuts and bruises
feeling guilty after I refuse something
when teachers get made at us for wanting to leave when the bell rings
guys who carry their guitars around school..freaking posers...
those who can't distinguish the difference between “your” and “you're” CMON.
When i'm grounded.
PLATO (the online homework program, not the dude.)
when it turns out you actually have school the next day
when no one gets my jokes
sillybands. Snap bracelets were better
when you buy a book and it's 500 pages of 44 font
people who don't read
people who make me feel like I shouldn't eat for a few days. Cuz I won't.
When anyone says “lol” or “lawl” outloud
when 14 year old guys say they “hate kids”. Dude, you ARE a kid.
Being with two people who are in love with each other
people who hate other people because of their taste of music
when im so tired but I can't sleep.
My dad's rental
making spelling mistakes in pen
when people list 2 billion of their favorite bands. A genre will suffice.
Thursdays after halfdays
when teachers make us stand up or walk around the room. Listen lady, lets just get this class over with.
When my computer decides to beep very loudly when it turns on
the word “uber”
tom delonge
flip flips
people who draw hearts everywhere
comedians who make money off pot sex and jesus jokes only
when im no where near a plug and I need to charge my laptop or something
when everyone has money to order food and I don't
grown ladies who wear overalls
hating things
when I lose something I just put down like a PENCIL!!!!
that dogs get hit by trucks
taking my phone everywhere even though it never buzzes or whatever
people who lie to me
when marker gets on the heel of my palm and then on my face..
mcdonalds in general
that I can't cross mein augen
that I cant speak german save it be the most random of words
songs that remind me of bad times in life...or people I wish to forget
txt spk
over analyzing things
country music
people who do this after an insult: xD
when I can't speak like a regular person
when it's freezing inside and hot outside
high heels
school projects
booty shorts..ive seen enough leg to last me a lifetime..
bossy people
pushy people
being afraid
shopping..clothes shopping especially
girls who (around guys) pretend to be afraid of things so you think they're cute
emo kids..they do things for attentions and make people who actually have problems feel ashamed
anyone who pretends to be concerned about me but aren't there when I need someone
leaving everything all the time
how i'm never good enough
sharing my inner emotions
when people repeat a joke until you laugh
sleeping past noon
when people are constantly whining about the temperature
stoners..because they only talk about one thing..
when people say “beast”. Unless youre making an x-men reference, shut uppp
when people say they have OCD or ADD when they don't..YOU HAVE NO IDEA!!
family guy
when no one listens
little kids who swear...makes me sad
people who deliberately make me feel like crap
when I feel like drawing and I cant think of anything
most guys. All boys. Some men.
when people say “just kidding”. Dude. Stick to your insults, or don't make them.
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1 Response Aug 14, 2011

Slow classroom readers bored me to death in school. I didn't know it was possible to hate family guy. It's such a wholesome show.