These Things Make Me Cringe.......

These things drive me absolutely mad and surprise surprise they all have to do with people;

1. People that always try to "one up you" in conversation and/or correct you in someway, especially whenever what they say is stupid pointless bulls*** that doesn't even really add anything to the conversation at all, or prove any sort of point. It's the most annoying thing in the world to say the simplist statement, then not even two seconds later have someone say something like "Well actually blah blah blah" or "Well this one time blah blah" or "Not really because blah blah and blah". Please just shut up! Let me just say something, air out a frustration, get a meaningless opinion about something that probably doesn't even matter out, or tell about something that happened to me, and just let it hang in the air for a while without attacking it or trying to reply with something better. If you try too hard to be the smartest wittiest person in the room, it usually means you're not, ya know just fyi. 

2. People that always try to be deep. I can't even begin to describe how much this annoys me. I blame Indie movies for this, because they're filled with all of this unrealistic dialogue that tries to be deep that people just eat up, then they go and try to have conversations like that with people. I'm not saying you should never have a serious conversation with someone or that you shouldn't say something deep every once in a while. What makes  this annoying to me is when I'm talking to someone joking around having a normal conversation and then out of the blue they try to switch it to this deep conversation about life, or seeing the good in people, or blah blah and I'm just like......What the hell happened? We were laughing and having a good time and now we're talking about this? There is a time and a place to be deep. Learn to recognize when and where. 

3. People that practically beg you to compliment them by constantly asking your opinion on how they look, what you think about some talent they think they have, etc. It's like the equivalent of having a small child constantly pulling on your pant leg wanting you to pay attention to every little thing they do. It's really hard for me sometimes to say something nice because I'm so tired of being asked the same question over and over and usually having to lie when I answer. You wanna know what I really think? I think you're an annoying little attention w*ore that needs to get some f***ing self-esteem, or atleast pretend to have some. That's worked wonders for me the past twenty-two years. 

4.  People that make it their mission to get you out of your comfort zone for whatever reason. Most of the time I'm a pretty good sport about trying new things when its asked of me, but somethings I just don't want to f***ing do. Either because I just don't want to try it, or because I have before and didn't enjoy it. Like dancing for example. This is soooo annoying! I hate going to the club with a group of aquaintances (who know I don't like to dance because I always decline when they ask me) and immediatly after we walk in before I've even had a chance to go up to the bar and order a drink they're already bugging the s*** out of me to go out and dance with them. Then after I politely decline, they still will not shut the f*** up about getting me out there and getting me "out of my comfort zone, because it'll be fun blah blah blah" after a certain point I really just want to say "F*** off and leave me alone ok? I'm perfectly happy standing or sitting over here drinking my drink and watching" it doesn't bother me at all to sit by myself and watch whats going on around me. Usually when I go out to clubs thats what I do. I don't go to dance, I just want to be around other people, get lost in a crowd and people watch while I sip on my drink. I enjoy that. I don't enjoy being smashed against sweaty people on a dance floor while I make a fool out of myself. Okay? Been there done that. So just let me stay in my comfort zone and stop bothering me! 

5. People that ask your opinion about something for no other reason than to verbally bash whatever it is you said and call you an idiot. 

Feels good to get all that out. I know all of that probably sounds incredibly b****y but if you've experienced these things too then you know exactly what I'm talking about. 
explainit2me explainit2me
26-30, F
Nov 17, 2011