Where to Start....

  1. Teenagers who give the rest of us a bad name- getting drunk and spewing everywhere, playing loud music on the bus, being rude, etc etc etc.
  2. People who chew with their mouth open and people who drag their feet (I used to get shouted at constantly by my mum if i ever did either of them, i think thats where my hatred of it stems from)
  3. people who see everything as a competition they must win.
  4. People who confuse 'quote' and 'quotation'. One is a noun, one is a verb, I will leave you to figure it out, its not hard.
  5. People who pronounces Givenchy 'give-in-chee'. Its 'jee-von-shee'/'zhee-von-shee'. Dont dispute it, you're wrong, the French are right.
  6. People who comment on how your food looks/smells. You dont have to eat it, I however, do. In fact I want to. Get over it. This particularly applies when I eat grilled veg and my friends sneer while they eat their hamburgers. Dont sneer at me whilst you, having killed animals for your dinner, make yourself fat and give yourself all sorts of health problems, or I will sneer at you when Im still thin and healthy and you are obese and ill.
  7. People who think that because music isnt good in a traditional sense, or not 'musically' good (i.e. most pop) its a write off. Music snobs, basically. If I want to listen to Katy Perrys digitally enhanced voice singing the same thing 12 times on her album let me, it doesnt make my taste is music ****, its jsut different. And yes, I know shes ****. But **** is good sometimes.
  8. People who dont like the fact that Im an activist and hippy who likes to spend money on make up and fancy clothes, and is fascinated by fashion and haute couture. Yes, I can be both. Just because you want to dress like a tent, burn your bras and not shave doesnt mean I do, and it doesnt stop me caring about issues as much as the next person.
  9. When you give up your seat for an elderly person on a bus and theyre offended. I was only trying to be nice.
  10. People who always try to give solutions rather than just acknowledging that something is a problem.
  11. Boys who use 'i just dont want a girlfriend' as a reason to break up with you, then get another girl two weeks later. Just be honest.
  12. Wardrobes with teeny tiny drawers that you cant keep anything in,
  13. People who spell drawers 'draws'.
  14. People who knit to be cool and quirky but really cant knit at all.
  15. they way cheap socks always fall down into your shoe.
  16. The cost of milk.
  17. People who take up the whole escalator at tube/train stops.
  18. People who try to use the oyster machines when they dont know how to, and make you miss at least 3 tubes.
  19. The cost of everything nowadays.
  20. Cliques.
  21. people who comment on other peoples weight, be it to tell them theyre too fat OR to say their too skinny. both are offensive people.
  22. Shop keepers who make snide comments about me buying binge food. I actually had one chuckle as he scanned my million cakes, chocolate bars, etc etc, and ask if i was going on a binge or something. I ended up looking him in the eye and saying yep, and Im going to purge it all to. My eating disorder is none of your business. You wouldnt ask if I was going to cut if I bought a razor or OD if I bought painkillers. Now **** off back to your miserable life. Im going to go enjoy myself with this food.


thats enough for now. Im sure Ill have more later.

Tesse Tesse
18-21, F
6 Responses Apr 10, 2009

Do you remember when freddos were 10p? :P<br />
<br />
Number 22 really disgusts me though... How can people be so heartless?

I can't help but notice that within your criticisms of peoples' grammatical errors, you have a few errors yourself.<br />
<br />
"People who always try to give solutions rather than just acknowledging that something is a problem." - this is my favorite. So many heros, yet the villians go unnoticed.

"People who take up the whole escalator at tube/train stops."<br />
<br />
Oh yes, definitely. The whole length of the escalator is filled with signs saying 'stand on the right'. London being a tourist location you might expect the occasional foreign person who doesn't quite get it, but the people who take up the entire width are always obnoxious English people! Why?!

theyre soooooo annoying!!!! they way they go all baggy and get twsted round your feet? yet another reason not to shop in primark!!!!!!!

it really is!!!! <br />
<br />
<br />
once a woman gave me 20p for giving her my seat, and told me to buy something nice. I was acutally really touched, bless her :)