Currently Addicted Top 10 List

Rammstein~ RammLied
Lana Del Rey~ Blue jeans
AWOL~ Sail
zombeast~ Devil Lock
Metallica~Fade to Black
AFI~god called in sick today
Virgin Prunes~I am god
Blitzkid~making a monster
Gotye~Somebody that i use to know
The Smiths~unloveable
lovexghoul lovexghoul
36-40, F
5 Responses Apr 11, 2012

i am currently addicted to System of a down~ Ego brain and lots of Pixies songs too!


You might like Voltaire- The Vampire Club,If only I was a Goth or I am Rammstein.

i know you have great taste in music . rammestein is the best of them all .

great list !

haha.i know. i've shared all these with you:)