When Will They Go Away?

           I've never been one to cut, i thought it would be too noticeable. that people would see it and take a step back, beside i have a friend that did, does, whatever. I burn myself, when i really feel like i need to, now it's only rarely and i've run out of matches. i do it on my fingers, the one's i don't draw with. it leaves orange spots on my skin that are rough and hard. i enjoy playing with them while they're there.
           I'm that girl that smiles, hiding her sadness behind cheerfulness. I'm that girl that everyone says is weird, childish, and fun. I'm the athletic lazy girl that prefers to sleep and eat. the one that when she's alone thinks of ways she can die. I'm complicated and waiting for someone to decipher me and see through all my faces.
agrimony agrimony
18-21, F
Apr 11, 2012