Your Sanity Score


Based upon your answers, you appear to be in generally good mental health, with some specific concerns or issues in your life. Most people have such issues to varying degrees -- some seek outside help for them from a mental health professional like a psychologist, psychiatrist or psychotherapist, while others are happy with the way things are in their life. People with similar scores sometimes feel overwhelmed by the occasional stress in life, but usually recover and are fairly resilient.

General Coping  18

Life Events  56

Depression  9

Anxiety  33

Phobias  0 Self-Esteem  25

Eating Disorders  0

Schizophrenia  35

Dissociation  17

Mania  30

Sexual Issues  6

Relationship Issues  19

Alcohol  0

Drugs  0

Physical Issues  33

Smoking Issues  0

Gambling Issues  0

Technology Issues  31

Obsessions/Compulsions  44

Posttraumatic Stress  0

Borderline Traits  17

Bukoden Bukoden
18-21, M
Mar 11, 2010