I Always Knew I Was A Superhero

My Superhero Name Is......
The Super Ricochet
My super power is Speaking to Animals ( They love me! )
My weakness is Snakes  ( Somehow...I can see this as true... )
My weapon is a Secret Decoder Blade  ( How cool is THAT? )
My mode of transporation...yeah...a Hovercraft.  ( Top that one! :P )
Flying through the air on my trusty and oh so cool Hovercraft, speaking to all the Animals of the world...they tell me of all the crimes against them....as I cut down the bad guys with my Secret Decoder Blade ( That sucker is heavy )...and the only thing that can bring me to my knees....The Snake....OOOoooOOOooo...*shivers*
I am SO cool!  Yep!
weekender1 weekender1
51-55, F
Jan 18, 2013