God Wants To Keep Us Dumb

It is what it is. Back then, he banished Adam and Eve for obtaining knowledge. Now, religious people prevent science from progressing.

I also do not think that Satan is as evil as he was portrayed. The bible doesn't specify any reason for Satan, Lucifer, WTF ever, to be Evil... accept wanting to overtake heaven. Satan wanted humans to have knowledge, but God couldn't have that.... humans would revolt

I'm not a christian, I don't believe in the bible.. please refrain from accusing me of being a devil worshiper cause I don't believe in that either :D
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1 Response Mar 25, 2012

You can think whatever you like you are intitled to your choice however you read my profile if you would just know this I AM NOT IN NO WAY INTERESTED IN ANY OTHER DOCTRINE OTHER THAN THAT I AM ALREADY DISPLAYING ON MY CIRCLE AND PROFILE SO HAVE YOUR OPINION ELSE WHERE THANK YOU!