I Have No Idea...

it's just like when someone tells me that someone told him that he heard someone saying that someone else heard about some story that someone created ... it's just too stupid

I'm not sure if there's anything but our mere human existence on this planet... I love nature and I think it's our mother and if we are to love something in our life it's nature coz it gives without demanding anything in return...

I was born christian but I don't really live or think like a christian I even hate the religious institutions for they are adoring god no more ... they're adoring the money that she gets from enlarging their empire...

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I think we as people can be little gods :)

I Fully A gree In the Beleif That 'God IS NOT aHoary-Headed, Spoild Brat,Sitting on a Throne in the midst of Spacetime. I Beleive That God Is A Brillient Being Of Living 'Love Light, and Is Beyond the Petty needs For Conflectas and Wars.

I think we're on the same channel... :D

I prefer to do good and be good ... it's the best prayer one can do ... I think that's the point from all religions...

Yeah makes perfect sense in fact ... I believe in love and in charity and helping others and being good in general... outside of any cult/religion... I don't really believe in God as a human like entity spending his time writing down what we do and what we don't do .... And that eternity talk I really don't buy it... don't worry about my name I have no problem with people knowing it :)

Exactly and we have more in common without religions than with religions... I mean remove religion you've already stopped 80% of the wars around the world for people love to live together... I have friends from all religions and we all think alike deep inside... I'd really appreciate your opinion patorice :)... I'm extremely open to new thoughts .... <br />
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I say no more killing in the name of religion coz it contradicts everything these religions and their Gods stand for...<br />
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Love and peace ..<br />

Tylorian you really read my mind dear... I don't follow any god still I'm a good person and I love people and people love me.. I don't need no bible or whatever holy book there is to know what's wrong and what's right in life... people are born good essentially it's society's rules that makes them rebels...

My thoughts on God are this: We all come from the same maker so it doesn't matter what religion you belong to, if any at all. Take whatever good you can find from life. Fill your life with love and compassion and you can't go wrong. The bible was written and changed by men, not god.

Well I think we have created each his own god and we threw on him all our problems and fears just to get the responsibility of facing them off our backs ... The concept of god in your mind is different than the one in someone else's mind... so how many gods are there??