I believe there is a God, but I don't think anybody truly knows him/her. I don't think any one religion has him/her all figured out. And I think life is simply a journey we all must take to try and find the truth. Some journies are cut short, some journies get corrupted, some journies go off the path. Why? I don't know. That's what I'm trying to figure out. I think that's our purpose in life, to just figure it out.

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Keep searching! but it is God who will help you figure it out! <br />
More on who God is go here;<br />
http://www.pbministries.org/books/pink/Attributes/attributes.htm<br />
and This one will inspire you check this video out!!!<br />

Though I'm not so sure our purpose is to figure things out, nothing else makes sense but to do so. If we ever figure things out, then we'll know what our purpose is.

I too believe there really is a GOD. I have been one to question it though because I would hurt when I see others in pain. I have asked GOD why is it that others are not so lucky, especially children. But honestly when I started to learn how to pray and talk to GOD I get this sense of relief. I believe everyone wants to have faith and hope that there is more after death but that is only my view.

Well, I disagree. But I do respect your opinion.

Sorry, I can't help you there. Mankind has always created myths to help explain the unexplainable. We have prayed to many gods and many have been used as a means of controlling us. Faith will only get you so far, at some point you have to stand up on your own feet and believe in YOUrself.