Have You Ever Been On Or Are Currently On the Medication Called Paxil

I was recently put on paxil. I was put on it a couple years ago but only took it for a month and stopped. Since being put back on it(about a week ago) I have done some research on it and it seems that im finding mostly only negative reveiws on it. I see alot of comments of definate weight gain and its apparently extremly hard to get off of it. Your labido aparently is shot as well. Something my wife isnt going to be happy about. Anyway i would like some feedback about this from anyone that knows from experience. Im about to hit the gym two hours a day mon-fri and a few hours on the weekend and i will be really pissed if i dont lose weight.

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I hope Prozac was/is effective for you.<br />
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I agree...Paxil withdrawals are evil.

I was on paxil for 8 + years, I tapered from 50mg to 10 mg then stopped. Today is day 10 free of paxil. The withdrawal is pure evil! I cannot even work. And to make it so much better my doctor refuses to fill out FMLA papers for me so I anticipate losing my job. I am miserable but nothing could make me take that stuff again. I am hoping to find someone to chat who is going through the same thing. My husband is so supportive but I know he cant truely understand. I want to talk to someone who knows what im going through.<br />

I had my doc switch me from paxil to prozac

Good luck, I hope it works for you :)

thanks, i actually had my doctor switch me to prozac the other day. Less side effects

You may want to ask your doctor for a different antidepressant, check this out;<br />
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Yes, ive read horror stories too of the withdrawls. I seem to see way more bad then good in the stuff. Im still going to give it a try though. I was pretty optimistic about taking it till I read everyone experiences with it.

They put me on same drug 12yrs ago or so. Only took it for 13days then stopped cos i felt wound up constantly. Walkin to work- felt like i was bouncing! Think Neil Armstrong on moon! Disconcerting when u know ur feet are firmly on ground! Withdrawal effect i'm told! Heard horror stories of people who can't get off this med ever since i took it, so glad i didn't take it for that long!