M I A Nasty Customer?

I honestly hate it, when people deliberately keep me waiting, especially when it's service oriented. Like yesterday, the nurse at the private clinic while dispensing medicine even when there're not many patients at the clinic, still took her own sweet time checking through her random packages instead of attending to patients , there was just me and 1 other patient (what the hell!?) and when i GENTLY told her to hurry up a little (what the **** just me and the other guy that's all!!), the other receptionist loudly proclaimed you have to wait for at least 2hours even at public hospitals....(wtf).

Granted, if i were a damn patient at public hospital or primary healthcare centres like polyclinics where the fees are heavily subsidized, damn, i reckon i have no choice but shut the **** up and put up with the wait, damn PRIVATE clinic expect us to wait so long too (well, waiting is fine when there are obviously alot of patients in the line, it's only reasonable) but when you're private and therefore charging more and there is no one else, just me and the other guy and they have to keep you bloody waiting, just got on my nerves very much!

I'm not being a nasty customer am i? I did not yell, or lost my temper or raised my voices, or showed my annoyance. I merely told them so GENTLY to hurry up and the service staff retorted back such remarks just annoyed the hell out of me, well, there are many other clinics out there offering the same stuff, i'm sure they would love to have me as their customers. I have a choice you know, not to go back to you. Do not take your customer for granted if you see them as money.
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1 Response Jan 10, 2013

Oh no ... which clinic were you at of The Private Clinic? I go there all the time. Sad to hear!