Hovering Between Sanity

It's getting harder to tell, if you (i am referring to myself) are acting up on schizo again or the needles'd struck all over. Wasn't the usual needlepricks in the heart yesterday. It was a dirty low-down broomlike bash on your face that caused a little concussion in the brain. In fact, it was so sharp, i jerked awake from my sleep, telling the wall to stop that. In the morning, i try to recall the events yesternight that might have led to the schizo-like syndrome - Nope, i didn't eat sweets, oh yea i ate a piece of butter cake, had some savoury titbits, under no stress just a little cranky and so, have no reason for schizo to act on me isn't it. Wow, so now i know, mental illness CAN be created in a person (me), so should there be a day i'd totally gone bonkers, well peeps, it's probably not becos i'm not taking my medication. Think, the unexplainable fatal ****** in your heart and brain concussions you get while you're sleeping, disrupted your sleep so you didn't sleep well and it continues in prolong period, then you decide to seek help for mental illness, so here's the scenario - you get wizardry jabs+psychotic meds = what do you get? A gonecase for good. Isn't that a lowdown filthy way of getting rid of your enemy and leaving no trace or evidence explainable by science? Much as i try not to encourage supersition, witchcraft and wares exist and some, to harm and prey. It's like an invisible predator preying on your mental health, emotional and mental abuses are soemthing you don't hear often. So how can we, as a civilised human race in an evolved world, get rid of such threat for good? Anyone has any good suggestions?

Nobody knows what kind of mental/emotional abuses i get every farking day of my life. Should there be a day i finally flung myself down, please remember, it's not by choice, i must have been so badly abused mentally and emotionally that plunging would seem a better resort.
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Jan 14, 2013