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Only Three?

I guess one of them can't be for another 2 either?  Well, here goes.


1.     All mankind would learn to live with each other without war.

2.    Cancer would be cured.

3.    I'd be young again but no younger than 18!

Sorry, had to use the last one!

dorobo dorobo 70+, M 10 Responses Apr 23, 2008

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As an ex actor, ex singer, ex public speaker, ex CEO and a whole lot of other ex's I think I can hold my own as an interpreter.

Sounds like you've found a niche!

Sounds good to me. I was in Kaui for a couple visits and fell in love with it. Lot's of rain, very green, fewer people, not like Oahu, simple, quiet life. I met a native woman that posed for some posters in a grass skirt and lei top. She was very interesting. The language is based similar to Japanese so I could pronouce things right away and see the logic of the sentence construction. I talke to Smith (a tour company) about being an interpreter for them and could live somewhere in a shack on what I'd make along with SS and VA benefits. Getting paid to talk, right up my alley!

Yes, Mother, where would you travel? I'd go to Hawaii first - I've never been there and want to swim with the dolphins - have friends who live there also - natives. Then, I'd just mosey around wherever the weather is between 75 and 85 degrees the rest of my life.

All sound good to me! Where would Mother start to travel the world? Any particular countries or cities or places?

1 see EP friends<br />
2 travel around the world<br />
3. World Peace.

I have a few events I'd like to redo but I'll send them to you in private.

My wishes would be much the same as yours and I do believe that mankind will eventually hate war enough to eliminate it. Cancer has been cured - there is a guy in Rome who uses bicarbonate of soda by injecting it where the tumors are and they just melt. He says that cancer is a mold that makes tumors.<br />
<br />
I'd rather be late 30's to early 50's - that was such a fun time in my life. Whew!!!!

I have to admit with having been with many, many women and a few men and still no STD. So, if I were 18 again I might do things differently. Of course, back then we didn't have AIDS to worry about or maybe I would have had something on my tongue by now.

#2: yes is getting closer<br />
<br />
#1: will always be just a wish.<br />
<br />
#3: yes, finally freedom, I'd love to do it all again.