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Tickle Fantasy

Someone would say, "can I tickle you?" and I would say yes and then they would take me and tied my hand to a tree and my feet and then 3 other people would jump out. They would all have feathers. Then they would all start to tickle me everywhere, saying things like "tickle tickle" , "are you ticklish here?" and "that looks like it really tickles but im not gonna stop" and they would do it for about 1-2 min. and then say, "hav u had enough?? do you want more??" and of course I would say yes and then they would begin to tickle again (everywhere) and start to find where im most ticklish and then continue untill I was begging for mercy and then finally untie me but they wouldnt be done yet, they would later as I was running jump on me and hold me done and start 2 tickle again for a whole other minute tht would seem like an hour and then say, ok, I think im done now. Then each of them one by oen would jump out and do the same thing each mile. Then I would finally be home and when I woke up the next day they would do the same thing again.
itssophie41097 itssophie41097 13-15 1 Response Jun 4, 2010

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they would also use there fingers and any other sort of tickle torture tools