Now this would include a little rolepaying with me and my friends.
I am a spy and i am suddenly kidnapped, and taken hostage, placed with a blindfold over my eyes, when we arrived at our destination,  i would be carried, until i finally found myself laying down, they would secure my hands stretched above my head, annd tied, and the same with my feet, secured at the bottom, of whatever i was laying on.
The villains would remove my blindfold, and i would see four men, that my character had helped lock away in jail, but they had escaped, and were looking for revenge, and they had found our my biggest weakness.
They would then cut off my clothes, either leaving me in my underwear, or if they are particularly sadistic, they would cut off my bra and panties, leaving me completely exposed and stretched, at the mercy of their willing fingers.
One would position themselves at her arms and breasts the other one would work on stomach/sides whilst the other two worked legs and feet and crotch.
TickleMeGently TickleMeGently
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very hot

Cut off everything... why go easy?

you are very disc<x>riptive

I wish YOU could tickle me

i would interrogate this spy unlike no other. ohh and ps, i'd be the guy at your sensitive little feet ;) i wish i could add you, you seem fun!

I would love to be part of that roleplaying. I think I would imagine me cutting off your bra and panties.

And the spies discovering your erotic, sensual reactions to being tickled... your hard nipples and the cream dripping from your sweet lips, maying your arousal impossible to deny!

I can imagine this taking place now, so much ticklish fun! It would be delightful for this to happen!

Oh... you are spoon feeding my very fantasies! They tickle your armpits and breasts... your nipples becoming harder and erect, almost begging to be tickled, which the spies fully comply with! They don't blindfold you, rather prop your head up with an extra pillow so you can see your breasts being teased through tear soaked eyes!