Tickling On The Seven Seas

(This particular fantasy came up when talking to another person, havent thought about it in a long time)

I am a young maiden, and i am being dragged from my cell in decks below to the top deck, the sun would be shining brightly. The pirates that have me hostage would hoist my arms above my head, tying my wrists to the mast, tying my waist also, to prevent a lot of struggle. a pirate would step towards me, undoing my corset, and shimmying me out of my long draping skirts, I was the pirates entertainment when they got bored, my sensitive skin was perfect for their tickling fingers, I was never to admit it, but secretly i enjoyed this as much as the pirates, when i was pulled onto the top deck it was a free for all gang tickling, my poor body would be subjected to  tickling all over her exposed skin running their hands under my arms, over my belly, along my legs and under my knees, feeling several fingers running along my soft skin.  When there were days at sea, I would be brought out to play, if the weather was not worthy, i would be kept in my cell, restrained to my bed, my feet strapped down at the bottom of the bed, where a wheel device with exotic feathers lined around it would rotate, under the control of the pirates for the speed. Sometimes i would be forced into another standing position, with my arms tied up with my arms above my head, and tied to the beam above, and my feet shackled just a little apart, i would be ******** completely, the wheel would be placed between my legs where the large stiff feathers would brush against my crotch, sometimes the captain would join me during these times and take full advantage of tickling my underarms, neck, breasts, stomach, ribs and sides, whilst the wheel brushes against my **** making me ****** again and again..

(Hope you enjoyed reading)
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7 Responses Aug 5, 2010

cute story sounds like you have a great imagination how would you do as a torture victim hired by a rich guy as a maid or a nurse taking care of a tickle addict think about that hee hee

Yo, ho, yo, ho, a tickler's life for me.

This would have been better if you make this into a narrative, more detailed. :)

i liked it alot!

loved reading, sounds amazing.

Now that sounds like an awesome fantasy. Very nice

Mmmmm... I can just pictures your tender pale skin oozing out of your corset as those pirates loosen your strings. Sweet voluptuous flesh exposed to their fingers and feathers... reducing you to delicious, sensuous ticklish jelly!