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...that there wasn't a group for this. There are movie lists, and music lists, but I couldn't find a book list!

If this group is in fact redundant, the powers that be at EP are free to delete and direct me elsewhere.

I made this group because of the BBC list of 100 books that Epeeps have been commenting on. There are many who disagree with some of the list's choices, so why not share our own? I love a recommendation of a good book!

So get to listing peeps!

I will have to make my list later - there are a lot to think about!
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Actually this is a tough list to come up with -- so many books, it's hard to think of individual ones to single out. :(

I have a long list but I am forgetting a couple and getting it to 10 is a problem.

Yeah it is not something to just whip out off the top of your head. <br />
<br />
I need to think on this one a bit.