Just Because They Don't Make Your Top 10 (list O' Ladies

Doesn't mean they don't make mine... so if you're ready to delve in here we go. (I'll do a list of the men later, for now, just the ladies) 

Also, I don't really have an order for these ladies either... even though it's technically numbered... except the #1 really is #1

1. Ksenia Solo - Yes, she was in Black Swan (with one of my good friend's #1 Natalie Portman) 

2. Emma Stone - I'm a sucker for a red head. Also... have you listened to her voice? SO sexy.

3. Kate Winslet - I have thought she was gorgeous since I first saw her in Sense and Sensibility when I was younger. I can't help but love this woman

4. Emma Watson - Did it occur to anyone else that she got obnoxiously hot while she was getting older in the Harry Potter films? I sure noticed.

5. Bryce Dallas Howard - God I love this woman. Totally fell head over heels for her in The Village back in 2004

6. Jennifer Lawrence - OMG. ****** in a gorgeous package. While everyone knows her as Katniss now, I remember seeing her in Winter's Bone and thought she was brilliant and oh so lovely.

7. Hayley Williams - Lead of Paramore. Yep.

8. Dakota Fanning - Yowza she grew into a gorgeous little morsel. Seriously. Have you seen her recently? Or in the runaways? O.O

9. Felicia Day - Famous fangirl =] 

10. Dita Von Teese - She needs no explaination

Honorable Mention - Emmy Rossum ♥, Amy Adams, Amanda Bynes, Amanda Schull, Ginnifer Goodwin

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2 Responses May 23, 2012

Ksenia Solo *purrrs* I love her in Lost Girl :D

ME TOO!!! She's way hotter than Anna Silk. =]

YES! They should really find more excuses for her to take off her clothes!

What about Asphyxia Noir?

Ooooooh she do be pretty!

Totally agree. omg. *drool*

I've seen one of her films before, the one where she gets captured by a mental patient.

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I do very much agree with Kate Winslet. There's something about her. Not only is she beautiful to look at... but she has a way about her that is just sexy... and real.<br />
<br />
I do like Emma Stone... for many of the same reasons.