Now For The Men

You know you were waiting for me to make this list. After all, I am bi, and I have to have my say on my top 10 famous men. =]

1. James McAvoy - Becoming Jane. Nuff said.

2. Gerard Butler - Fell in love with him all the way when he played Erik

3.  Colin Firth - If you're a woman who's ever seen the A&E version of Pride and Prejudice, then you know why he's on this list. Yum.

4. Kris Holden-Ried - From The Tudors and Lost girl. God, he can get in my bed... now.

5. Norman Reedus - AKA Murphy MacManus. ♥

6. Zachary Quinto - Plays the perfect bad guy and the perfect good guy. Gimmie.

7. David Boreanaz - AKA Seeley Booth or Angel, your pick. Either way. HOT HOT HOT

8. Bradley Cooper - Not only is he hot and funny he also speaks 2 romance languages (Italian & French!!) fluently. Oh god yes.

9. Hugh Jackman - X-men & Kate and Leopold. Umm... yes please.

10. Richard Dean Anderson - Don't know what it is about this man. But my obsession for him built exponential amounts when I started watching him on Stargate SG-1

Honorable mention: Josh Dallas, Chris Evans, Paul Bettany, Pierce Brosnan, Ryan Gossling, Johnny Depp, Matthew Gray Gubler,  Shemar Moore, Dominic Cooper, John C. McGinley, Robert Carlyle, Leonardo DiCaprio
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Wanted and Boondock Saints, my favorite movies

Boondock Saints is the ****.

You bet that *** it is