If I Can Only Choose 5:

#1 Fried Green Tomatoes

#2 Dirty Dancing

#3 Titanic

#4 Man in the Moon

#5 Mystic Pizza
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Oh, Dirty Dancing, lol! Yeah, I have to admit, love that one too. "Nobody puts Baby in a corner!" lololololol

OK...SERIUOSLY.....these are all on my favorites list!!!! I just watched FGT the other day ! Twice! AND I am with you and DFM13...Man in The Moon ..no one has any clue what I am talking about!!!

*loves and adores you*
where are all the women like you in the real world....certainly NOT in my town :(

Sweetheart there are none in my town either!!...Lets find a whole new town and make it our own!!! :)

Fried Green Tomatoes is among my top five favs too (Fannie Flagg is probably my favorite author, she tells such a great tale)...along with THE COLOR PURPLE...AN IMITATION OF LIFE...GRANDMA'S BOY and I'd have to chose between...THE HOUSE OF SPIRITS/THE ENGLISH PATIENT/THE PIANO for the last. I think every movie is worth seeing at least once.

Fried Green Tomatoes .... I could never tired of that movie! I also LOVE the color purple...another favorite. I've never seen the others and didn't realize that Fannie Flagg is the mastermind of all of them! I will certainly check out the others and I LOVE books....will look for her in the library. :)

Fannie didn't do the others, I just love her books as well, she really does tell a great tale. She only has a handful of books (including Fried Green Tomatoes at The Whistle Stop Cafe), but, they are all good reads, in my opinion anyway!! The others I mentioned, are DEEP films, except for Grandma's Boy, that is a funny, pot fest of a flick, worth a try if you've never seen it. Dumb, but, funny!!

OMG...ok, you are my girl crush! NO ONE ever knows "Man In The Moon" I have this movie and LOVE it! Reese Weatherspoon's *break out* role and the story is precious. Although, Cort's demise cured me of EVER wanting to marry a farmer!

*blushing with a big smile*
:D One of the best movies ever! I should also include this in my list of movies that make me cry.

Cort...that boy was so darn adorable!!!! And this movie is great! You guys are not alone!

lol, yes...a huge crush on Cort! See, I knew I liked you ladies for a reason :D

I can honestly say, when his face entered the picture I was IN LOVE. I could feel that kiss of his! ANd his make out sessions with the older sister. DAYUM! When I saw him years later in another movie...yep same reaction! So adoreable.

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