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At Last Here They Are.

Ok. I thought that under the circumstances I owed some of you this post.

Love actually. Although I always cry at the end.

Notting Hill.

Harry Potter and the Philosophers stone.

How to train your Dragon.

Coming home.

If I thought harder, and had a better memory, I would probably come up with a completely different list, but these are five that I can watch anytime.
AlmostAristotle AlmostAristotle 61-65, M 6 Responses Apr 27, 2012

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Oh, this is fun! "Love Actually" is a movie I watch whenever it rolls around on tv. "Notting Hill", too. Any Harry Potter film, I'm there. "How to Train Your Dragon" is a hoot. Then there's "Coming Home". I first saw it when it was released back in 1978. Tender and hot!

Wow we agree on all five! we should have an evening drinking beer and watching movies.

Nice choices Ari~

Thanks hc.

I googled it. Spent ten minutes watching the trailers. Will be watching this tonight.<br />
Best wishes Ava

Watching what Ava?

Sorry, that a wasn't very clear comment, and I haven't found time to watch it yet...Watch What? I can almost hear you shouting at the screen. How to train your Dragon. Looks like loads of fun.

The first four would come somewhere in my top twenty, with Love Actually probably being in the top five. Need to think about this

Thanks for your comment avatar, I'm glad you also like 'Love actually'.

My cousin is a big fan of Love Actually. I've never seen the film all the way through. But what I've seen of it I like. Must watch the whole thing at some point

I LOVE those Harry Potter movies!! <br />
<br />
If the movie "Coming Home" ba<x>sed on the novel by Rosamund Pilcher??? If so.. I loved that book and now will HAVE to find that movie!!

It's a movie about a paralyzed Viet vet, and a marine officers wife who volunteers in the vet's hospital. Stars John Voight and Jane Fonda. It has a great soundtrack too.

That sounds good too. I'm still gonna watch it!! Thanks! It also sounds like something hubs would like!!

Hahaha .. that'll teach ya ! <br />
<br />
Don't think I've seen Coming Home .. Googling it :)

Great sound track on coming home.