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my top five all time best movies

#5 all the Harry Potter

#4 Labyrinth

#3 Princess Bride

#2 Ever After

#1 Rocky Horror Picture Show (Live on stage Of course)

Honorable mentions


any Brendan  Fraser movie

and from the TV

The 10th Kingdom


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8 Responses Feb 8, 2009

guess who's coming to dinner<br />
<br />
the odd couple<br />
<br />
one flew over the cuckoo's nest<br />
<br />
true grit<br />
<br />

aww, that is so sweet!:)...

the book hold a special place in my heart<br />
<br />
it is the book my husband and I were reading when we meet

:)... yep... as for now, i loved the Prisoner of Azkaban... so well done.

all great movies<br />
<br />
I'm holding out on what Harry Potter movie I like until they are all done

The SAW series are so gory, but I've watched them and hey, there's some lessons beneath the gory fronts... loved watchin' it with my friends... The NOtebook is so good.

5~ The Little Mermaid<br />
<br />
4~ Sound of Music<br />
<br />
3~ The Notebook<br />
<br />
2~Saw <br />
<br />
1~ The Others<br />
<br />
I love Harry Potter all of them too! The 3rd one would have to be my favorite though & Ever After & Labyrinth!!!!

I love Harry Potter and Ever After. :)