Not Into Chick Flicks. Give Me a War Movie.

In no particular order, The Hunley, Master and Commander, Saving Private Ryan, The Hunt for Red October, and Tropic Thunder (the last one doesn't count as a real war movie, but its a favorite)

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Oooh! Nice picks! I haven't seen Master and Commander, but it looked really good. Loved the Hunt for Red October & Saving Private Ryan. Tropic Thunder was just a HOWL. I think I must have seen it 3 times the first week it was out. Gotta love Robt. Downey, Jr!

in response to whiskerz: I am not a big Alec Baldwin fan. I liked Harrison Ford as Jack Ryan better in Patriot Games, but over all Red October was a better movie. . . The Patriot can also be added to this list.

Platoon, Saving Private Ryan, Full Metal Jacket, Apocolypse Now, Glory

Haha... the first list in this group that doesn't baffle me...<br />
The Hunt for Red October is a REALLY great movie!!