Among So Many Great Films, Here's My 5

Princess Bride




Forrest Gump

There's so very many more that I related to, loved, cried through, was amazed by, was in awe of or any other emotional response you can think of because I really invest in the suspension of disbelief. I used to always seat myself in the first 10 rows, center, so I could surround my peripheral vision with only the movie screen. No kissy-face couples, no dopey frat boy comments, no figeting children - just the screen, and whomever accompanied me. Simply immersed my full attention on the screen.

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6 Responses Feb 20, 2009

I love Princess Bride. My favorite film ever! Wesley so hot and i love to giant and the sword fights. I have watched it about 10 time this month because i just found the old video in my attack.

The matrix original, the LOTR trilogy, ALL Harry Potter films, the hunt for red october and speed

I would suppose a wee bit of herbal enhancement might amplify that experience. (not that I would know...)

Well lets just say that seeing the dementors of Prisoner of Azkaban in an Imax theatre was awesome. The opening scene is terrifying when you're so close up to such a massive screen with the sound effects cranked like they do.

Oh yeeessss. I do enjoy IMAX. And Potter flicks would be ones to see in IMAX! I get nosebleeds in that sort of stadium seating though, lol.

You've seen movies in an IMAX theatre, right? They can be pretty intense. When we lived in WA we saw each Harry Potter on the true BIG screen and it's an experience.