1) The bucket list
i like the concept if it: a man trying to give another man the best time of his life before he dies
2) Amélie
It's a difficult one, but watch it 3 times and it's a great movie. I also LOVE the music
3) Lotr
It's so freakin' detailed, you need to watch the docu about it, you'll understand
4) Harry Potter
It was all fun at the first 5 but i felt emotional on the last 2, they're so good!
(Blank spot) give a name, i'll watch it, and maybe it'll get his place on my top V
MonsterEye MonsterEye
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2 Responses Sep 2, 2014

Since you liked Amelie, then try out Goodbye Lenin, if u haven't seen it already, it has that same great composer Yann Tierson providing the tunes. And an engrossing story.

I'll watch it, thanks :)

(Second one is Amélie, pardon)