Well, This Is Hard...

...to do with over 20,000 songs to choose from in my music library, and I have trouble with my playlist entitled "250", which are my current favorites (many of which change over time). So, assuming I use a 90 minute tape (the most common by far back in the day), my ultimate mix tape would be:

Side 1:
The Trees - Rush (4:45)

Flor de Luna - Santana (5:02)

Road to Your Soul - All About Eve (5:23)

My Damsel Heart - Sally Oldfield (6:16)

Õ Que e Que à Bianna Tem - Carmen Miranda (3:18)

Across the Great Divide - Kate Wolf (4:14)

The Bridge - David Sancious (16:03)

Side 2:
Daydream - Robin Trower (6:28)

Driven - Rush (4:27)

Darkness, Darkness - The Youngbloods (3:57)

Cucurrucucu Paloma - José Feliciano (4:16)

Eighteen Wheels and a Dozen Roses - Kathy Matea (3:22)

Hearts Hotel - Dan Fogelberg (4:15)

Rufusized - Rufus (3:17)

Rappahannock (Live) - The Kennedys (2:44)
-Sorry! Can't find a video for this one. I REALLY wish I could, It's a GREAT song.

Tell Her No - The Zombies (2:07)

Pretty Girl Why? - The Buffalo Springfield (2:27)

At Last! - Etta James (3:02)

In China or a Woman's Heart - Kate Wolf (4:30)

This is today's Ultimate Mix Tape - in a few weeks it will be different, or maybe I'll just have to do a 2-tape set. Does anyone else remember those funky 2-tape cases? They always reminded me of an M-16 jungle clip.
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