I've written once about Classic and his group PreppyPunkThug.  He's a guy I graduated from high school with, and now he's started this rap group.  You can read about it in the group "I Want You to Check Out Classic and PPT."

Anyway, Classic is my new obsession.  I'm actually not a huge rap fanatic, but I love this guy...mainly because I knew him probably.  I just think it's awesome that I actually went to high school with a rapper.  If he ever gets on the radio and becomes famous, I'll be able to say I know him!

In terms of his voice and lyrics and all, I don't think he's the best rapper in the world, but he's definitely talented.  He's really good with rhyme.  That's what impresses me.  And as far as I know, he writes all his stuff.  And I like that he doesn't cuss QUITE as much as most rappers like Snoop Dogg or one of them.

Then the other rapper in his group is PB.  I like his voice a lot better.  He has the more chill's like he just talks, but he's still rapping.  One of those rappers you can just kind of bob your head to.  The downside is that he cusses a lot more.

Lately, I've been listening to their album, A Classic Mixtape, almost every day.  It seriously has become an obsession.  I crank up my bass and jam out to it when I drive.

And it's not just the music I'm obsessed over.  Classic is on my Facebook friends list, so he's always inviting his fans to his groups when he has a new song or music video out, and they often tell about his life too.  So I kind of am just obsessed with him and his life.  It's just the whole thing that I actually know an emerging, and hopefully soon famous, rapper.

Anyway, that's my new musical obsession :-P

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Wow, that's really insightful, but very true now that I think about it! He's just a guy in college like me going after his dream...I should be more like that...Classic is my hero!

It sounds to me a lot like you have a good case of hero worship. Which is OK! Here is someone you actually know, who is becoming successful and doing what a lot of people your age would like to do. It gives you hope. It allows you to participate indirectly in his world. It gives you something real to fantasize about. As long as you don't get too engrossed, your feelings are normal and healthy. Just keep one foot on the ground and enjoy the opportunity to have this experience.<br />
<br />
One thing that might be beneficial for you would be to look at what this guy hs done, and see how you could apply it to your life. He must have been persistent, determined, ambitious, confident, creative,original. How can you use similar traits that you posses in a way to help you become more successful and more creative in your life. You don't have to be a rapper or even a musician, but you can use his life and career to build a template for your own future.