cute guys, pelican bites and mosquito blood

the best : greece 2008 I met a really cute guy and he fell in love with me and he did everything to impress me ...he was so romantic :)

the worst: turkey 2007: my shoes, books, towels and earrings were stolen, there was a power failure in the evening, i got sick because of some meat I ate, our rooms were soo ugly ( there was mosquito blood in the beds ( i refused to sleep on them and so spent 2 weeks sleeping on the couch ... oh it gets worse.... a f***ing pelican bit me , I nearly stepped onto a sea urchin. but no there it doesn't end: I wanted to participate in a water ball game however I couldn't stand in the deep water because I was only 7 and got an awful lot of water
into my nose and ears. On the last day I felt horribly nauseous after eating some turkish chocolate thing .
we traveled back in a tiny hot and sweaty bus to the airport on a very bumpy road for 6 hours just to find out that our plane had already left because our bus driver got lost:( I will never forget both of those vacations :)
ZaraAnna ZaraAnna
18-21, F
Mar 19, 2011