My Worst Vacation Nightmare

When I was six I went to Martha's Vineyard for what was to be a weeklong vacation in the sun. The first day I got there was amazing. I was already giddy because I'd never been on a ferry before, and seeing the ocean was astonishing. I remember watching the sunset on my first day and being so excited to be there. Well, my second day, I woke up unable to move. It felt like an iron claw was holding me down to the bed by my throat. I couldn't swallow, I couldn't drink, I couldn't even speak without sounding like a whiskey drinker. The woman who's house we were staying in was a nurse and confirmed my worst fear-I had something called mono and I had to go home immediately. I left with a friend of the family's and even though the tickets for the ferry were for the end of the week, we managed to sneak on board. We thought we were home free until we docked and for some reason a police officer came up and asked for our tickets. He was really big and stern-faced, and through my haze of pain and sickness I could only make out that he wanted us to return to Martha's Vineyard because we left too early. As an adult looking back I think that had I a sick kid I would have flipped on the cop, but as a kid I was so scared I'd not be taken care of like my mommy could back home

So-this is the part that the friend tells everyone to this day-I threw myself against the officer's feet while wailing like he'd just killed my bunny, and from what I hear drew a pretty big crowd, and I creid out "Please let me see my mommy, I want to go home and see my mommy, don't make me go back, you can't" etc. Weeping and  flailing and such lol

The friend says the officer was so horrified that he picked me up and carried me to the car and apologized for the trouble To this day the friend swears I should have been an actress or con woman ;-)

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2 Responses Aug 14, 2008

Yup, very posh. Still it might be worth it to cleanse the memory.

I bet that was a sight. On the other hand, I'm sorry about your wrecked vacation.