A Magical Kingdom

A little history before I begin.  My family never took a vacation while the 3 of us were growing up.  We drove to family members homes, but that was the extent of "family vacations".  In 2006 my dad decided that we should all go somewhere together.  I can handle my parents for about a week and then I start to freak.  I was game if it was for a week vacation and then he dropped the kicker which was that he wanted to go to Disney World.  The only person that is into Disney is my mother.  It has to do with her mental state being stagnated at a violent 12 year old status.  The outcome was that I agreed to the vacation and that I would help pay for my little brother.  My father got his dream of taking his 3 children that are 30, 28, and 21 to Disney World.  Overall it was fairly decent and better than what I imagined.  My mother only had a few fits of pity and the rides were fairly fun.  Then we had one Nightmarish day.  My younger brother was dating a 16 year old girl.  Her father found out and banned him and he was taking it rather hard.  The fact that he shouldn't be dating a 16 year old girl is fairly obvious to any rational human, not to him.  We are all standing in front of the "It's a Small World" ride.  The atmosphere is important for this story.  You have the hustle and bustle of Norman Rockwell families going to and fro.  You can hear the happy little Small World song playing in the background and all the smiling robots doing their thing.  Then there is my father and brother having a heated argument about how he needs to stop stalking and calling this girl.  Then my brother pushes my dad and yells at the top of his lungs that he is going to kill my dad.  He then starts to cry, which is the fabulous characteristic my brother inherited from mommy dearest.  My brother is a huge football player type.  My dad is healthy, but small compared to him.  I grab my brother and tell him to shut the hell up and take a walk, which he does.  Then I start laughing hysterically which evolves into crying, but only if you look closely.  My husband then proceeds to ask, "Did your brother just threaten to kill your dad in front of the "It's a small world" ride?  End Story, our one and only family VACA.

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Too true :D

Spider Man is what makes EP so fun. I love completely random and off the wall comments. It lets you know there are other types of minds out there and they span the full gambit.

Whats with Spider man? Interesting comment...<br />
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Heh, there is an irony in your story thats for sure, 'Its a world of laughter, a world of tears' Guess you got that covered!

my worst nightmare is spiders.... nothing more in depth then that. It doesnt need to be a 50 ft spider, although one of those would scare me a considerable ammount more than a normal one. The point is, wherever they are, if I see them, i dont sleep soundly for days.