I Want to Know

I am considering going back to a former BF. I keep thinking of the phrase that rekindled love is like a "reheated meal".

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Did you go back..?

I would say it's more like pizza-cold-the-next-day. Happens to consist of the same ingredients but it's a very, very different meal, and still awesome.

Good point Dorobo<br />

LV thanks for your wise and caring comment. I shall keep you informed.

A second chance in love is always great, I am not trying to encourage you, but if you want to do this, don't let a phrase stop you.

Thanks for your comment.<br />
What is a Winnebago? I think living next door is an ideal arrangement.

Never heard this phrase before - very good! My old flame has offered me a Winnebago if I'll drive to where he is to get it. I could also live next door to him in it. I think that would be the ideal thing to do. That way I can drive off if I need to! He spoiled me for anyone else I think but - there is always the going backwards question in my mind.