Dj"ing First Time

hi . i am looking for sum advice i have beening dj"ing on and off for a long time . but i really want to take it up as a real job . i got my self a new set of newmark "s . i ues traktor le pro . and i have got serato . sofware . i had cd decks before . but i got these new ones . really find the sofware hard to use . i first started on virtuly dj . and i am thinking of upgrading that to the pro version . i think its much easyer interface . but . i just self teach my self . to mix beat match and a small bit of scrating . but not to go at that . ... so i would just like to find out advice and helpfully comments . .about dj"ing in genral . can u just get away with basic dj skills like fading out a track at the end and bringing another one in . in a club . ?
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1 Response Nov 21, 2012

I would think you could make a good living at it. If that is what you want to do. Probably some marketing would help and you can do that really cheap. i started a Computer Business and the business cards were like 20.00. I bought some magnetic signs for my car Actually I bought 6. Two went on my kids cars. That was less than 150.00. It sounds like you are really into music so have you thought about working with midi or editing music or something along those lines...If so there are jobs out there for doing that. If you are looking in that direction, i can come up with some additional idea's. My advice is if you can avoid it don't go into corporate america. I did that and was miserable. Let me know and we can brainstorm.