Not My Menopause!!!

 For years my husband who is younger than me  has blamed my menopause and moods swings for his lack of sexual interest in me. I have done eveything to try to turn him on, somethings even embarrasing to me. I wondered if it could be the male menopause. Seems I was right, he has no testosteone and has been given a gel replacement. I want to scream, 10 years wasted. He wont talk to me, says it's personal, but, it has really effected my life. I am not sleeping and need some affection, a cuddle would do!!! 

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11 Responses Feb 25, 2009

And cuddle you until you could cuddle no more

Darlin if I could I would give you the biggest bear hug ever

cuddles with sweet vixen :)

mmm sounds like ther is other issues going on here

Cuddle,cuddle, cuddle. I've been in a similar situation. My wife has had zero sex drive for 10+ years. My sleep patterns are all messed up, craving affection and intimacy. A WILLING sex partner not one that would just go through the motions. To have that back again, those years, that passion and desire from someone. ( shaking my head)

Well your just getting in your prime so just because they are young and may get it back faster but if you just do it right the first time you both be happy

I should send you my wife for him she is never interested in sex anymore and I am like you I want it so bad and try to get in her panties everyday only to be humiliated and denied .What to do?

...I would love to cuddle you :)....

A cuddle is where I'd start...but not where I'd finish. Lifes too short to not have some passion...often.

Hey!!! Go **** another guy and tell him you are going to do that!!! Believe me his **** will get so hard it might break!!!!

I feel for you. If the issue can't be fixed i think there is nothing wrong with finding the right man for you.