I'm Grateful

I have gone days, weeks, probably months without laughing or even having the urge to smile. 

That has all changed since finding EP.  Now all I have to do is bring up this web site, look at some stories or comments, and I'm filled with laughter and smiles.

I can honestly say, that since finding this web site, not a day goes by without a smile or some laughter!

Thank you EP for bringing sunshine back into my life.  I'm grateful to all the members for the brightness that now fills my days!

I love you all!      

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3 Responses Feb 10, 2009

Thanks Tibicina. Your comment just put a smile on my face and cheered me up! There is nothing wrong with having a weird sense of humor, I too have one! We see things normal senses of humor can't see! ((((HUGS))))

Yes, I have found this too. Even some of the titles of experiences have made me smile, eg: 'I have just eaten a whole bag of winegums', or 'I bathed with a rainspider'. I just have a weird sense of humour I guess. I too am grateful for all the people here who have cheered me up and I hope I will be able to cheer and help people too.

((((BLUSH)))) ((((HUGS))))