Laughter Is The Key To All

of course i want to laugh.. laughing is somehting the human body needs to survive.... no matter what anyone says... LAUGHING IS AMAZING..! <33
i love laughing.. and trust me i do a lot of it.. and i want to laugh.. i wake up wanting to laugh.. i love doing it... its like as natural as a baby wanting milk.. i CRAVE laughter..., i literally search for laughter.. even though i bring it with me no matter where i go.. :)
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3 Responses Aug 2, 2010

I'm all for that! Smiles

:) i wish you could laugh ALL THE TIME.!! everyone deserves to laugh.!!! <3

Laughing is suppose to be a healing force for our well being. I would love to laugh and do enjoy it if only the nonsense going on around me would give me a moment to laugh a bit.