Some of My Flaws

It's too late in the night for me to actually sit down and jot down ALL my flaws, but I'll give this great group a shot ;)
1) I think *not accepting my flaws* is the one flaw that has the greatest (negative) impact on my life. This includes pretending I'm something I'm not (e.g. open-minded in some situations) or not being something I am (e.g. selfish). Sometimes I think this is a good way to change myself in a positive direction, but right now I think it could just be an excuse to keep doing it, instead of showing my true colours and face the risk of not being liked for who I am. Anybody follow?? Anyway, this leads to:
2) Coming up with excuses for not doing uncomfortable, but healthy deeds. I *know* it's better to face my fears, to confess to wrong-doings, to keep a healthy lifestyle blah blah blah, but if there's an excuse to get me out of it, I have used it...
3) Judging myself and others for... being weak, being ugly, wearing clothes that reveal one's physical imperfections, being shallow and looks-oriented, doing selfish things...

...I'll continue the list later.. hehe.
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1 Response Aug 17, 2007

we all have flaws and being able to admit it is a good way to start