Dont We All ????

I think everyone wants to live a meaningful life or at least most people  do . Its just something we by human  nature want to strive to do this .... I personally have like two different  self imporvement books and have never been able to get through one ... and now im working  on bible studys and thats about all i have time for ... even trying to incorporate it into my routine isnt really pheasible right now .  i mean once its summer time it will be alot easier cause i can go outside and let the kids play in the yard ... while i sit on the porch and write ...  I cant  wait til spring ...

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1 Response Mar 5, 2007

I think you're right about there being a natural drive towards "self-improvement". It's a pity the terms got such a bad reputation, because it's very hard to see the value of getting WORSE at stuff, or just stagnating :P <br />
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I've done a fair bit of reading of self-help stuff and a lot of it I still tend to be a bit dismissive of ... but all it takes is to find the one thing that will help spur you on. Perhaps those books you've not managed to read through just aren't the right books for you (or not the right books for you at this moment)? Inspiration comes from all sorts of strange places, and then after that, the self-help books often have useful techniques to help go whereever it is you want to go, I've found.